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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Oh, Lord, give me the words. Help me express the things you're teaching me. May the words flow in a way that is clear.

I know or have spoken to some famous and/or powerful people. There. I said it. Brushes with greatness  as they say. I've had them. I like them and yes, I'm fairly enamored by them. Please don't judge me for being honest about it.

I'm questioning it, though. Judging myself. Trying to understand why I'm impressed by the perception of power. I know none of those folks are going to tap my shoulder and say, "Come. Let me make you famous and help you get lots of money." Truth be told, I don't want that really. (well, not always) Increasingly, I think what I want is a platform. I have to check my motives here and be sure that I'm being honest about that. I remember craving some type of fame, some type of notoriety... for what I don't know, I have nothing particular to offer - no remarkable talent, skill or wisdom ... I used to want people to be impressed by my singing and want me to make albums. I remember that. In my youth. But now... no. I'd do it, but I don't crave it or dream about it. Still... I am impressed by celebrity... kind of... I think...

2 years ago I volunteered for a position of no prestige. I was serving at a big event. The big event was being led by a family member and I was asked (by someone totally outside the family) to man a section near the stage because "they needed someone who wouldn't be starstruck". I remember saying "Don't be mistaken. I'm still star struck."

Still thinking here. Pondering. Searching for the words. What do you need to know? What do you need to think about? What do I need to say?

Sunday, a woman approached me. She spoke to me about my business and another woman in my business. Upon hearing my name, the other woman said "She's not anybody. I'd know if she was." Peeved. That's me. Peeved. But the thing is, I am most certainly "not anybody". No one whose name you'd know. Just a girl. Next door. Selling cosmetics. Going to church. Normal.. Not a world changer.

Now, one more story for the foundation I'm building for my actual point. Yesterday, our famous family member was honored with the invitation to deliver the prayer at the Presidential Inauguration. Not at the Lions' Club or Rotary Club, but of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Yeah. That inauguration.

I'm closer. Narrowing in. Focusing. The words are coming.

HE IS A NOBODY, TOO. Was. Wants to be. Has spent his whole life in ministry seeking ONE THING: To make the name of Jesus known and to lose his own and now his own is known. How. Do. You. Process. That. ?

I lay awake on my bed thinking on it. Listening for the still small voice. I've been listening for a few days leading up to all of this. One thing is becoming more and more clear: All of the "somebody"s  were once nobody's. They were normal everyday guys who took one step and then another and made great discoveries. Steve Jobs - a 10 year old who got into computers. Mary Kay Ash - a retired woman who was sick of women not being treated fairly in the workplace. A 3 Star General in my family - a boy from a little town in North Carolina who later served as Multinational Corps Commander in Iraq. The founder of a ministry that fights against sex trafficking - a middleaged woman in a normal church. Beth Moore - an Army brat, I believe.

My brain, stirred in the middle of the night - World changers started somewhere - not seeking fame or fortune, but doing the small things they were called to do in their area of influence, in faith, leaning on God, in His power eventually being used for God's "immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine". Moses. Paul.  Rahab. David. Peter. A guy in our family who loves Jesus - steps out with one clear mission: to raise up a faceless generation for the reknown of Christ, with a vision for seeing 1000's of collegiate-age kids praising the name of Jesus, believing a large gathering of Christians should impact their local community and work together to do something bigger than one can do alone...

How do I say it? What are you hearing?

Here is where I want to get: WE CAN BE THE CHANGE. As one individual, we may not have much influence, but using what we have, joining forces with others around us, we can each individually and certainly corporately can make a difference. How? Well, when 5000 were gathered together and hungry, a boy gave some loaves and fishes. Combined with Jesus' power that small offering fed 5000 with 12 basketfuls leftover. A woman gave her last 2 cents - It was considered more valuable than larger contributions. David, considered "not anybody" took down a mighty opponent with a stone and a slingshot, "with what he had in his hand" (Beth Redman).

What is in your hand? What can you influence? What would Jesus partner with you to change? A (sorry, Louie) scrawny boy from Atlanta GA whose claim to fame could be that his dad designed the Chick Fil A logo, my husband's first cousin, whose chosen passion and vocation seeks to hide his own name and offer up, unashamed, the name of Jesus is being noticed for bringing together a band of activists and a bunch (!) of college kids to raise awareness and even seek to end slavery in our world today and as such, has garnered the attention of the President of the United States and will now be praying over our entire nation before so very many people. He's been given one of the largest stages to be the voice for 27,000,000 slaves. And he was just a normal guy - like you. like me. "not anybody"

I want to be a nobody like that - not for myself (Lord, please may that be true) - but to change one small but ever-growing circle. What's in my hand?


  1. Good thoughts. It is sometimes hard to do this. I appreciate your honesty.

  2. As you may know by now, this has taken an ugly turn. Giglio has declined to offer the prayer due to the conversation turning to his views on homosexuality uttered in the 90's in the context of a sermon. My understanding is that he never wanted the conversation to be about him or anyone's personal agenda but rather on the matter at hand, the inauguration of our President. It's a shame that some have so badly maligned his name. I feel confident he is willing to take personal heat but will never back away from the truth of the Bible nor his love for Jesus. I respect him more than ever.

    It is a sad day when Christians are taken to task for actually believing what they profess to believe. If you believe something is sin and you don't offer hope or help, what does that say about you? If I see you appearing to be drowning (whether or not you are is not even the point) - if I BELIEVE it and don't offer help, how can I say that I love you? I must offer! A pastor does just that - offers help and hope. How is that wrong? Calling something a sin is not malicious - it's a belief. The Bible says that "ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." A-L-L . Christians and non-Christians. I, me, myself - need forgiveness of MY sins. The Bible also says "The wages of sin is death." I, me, myself - deserve death. JESUS died on the cross to pay that very debt and free me (and you, if you have ever sinned) from the payment of that eternal death that I deserve. All I have to do is BELIEVE it and I rest in that forgiveness. It's not malicious when I know that my sin was just as wrong as anyone's. YOUR sin is not worse than mine. If I believe I need a Savior, surely you're not surprised that I believe you need one, too. Surely, I'm still allowed to believe that.