Nothing to Say, But Can't Shut Up - haha! That's what I thought I should call my blog! What I write here might not mean a thing to you and I'm pretty o.k. with that. However, I have an active mind and like to sort things out out loud, so to speak. I also like to have deep conversations so feel free to jump in and comment. I'm glad you showed up and took the time to read. Welcome!

Exercise, Fitness and Good Health Stuff

I believe in working towards better health on a regular basis. I think it's challenging and I often don't reach my goals. However, the mere fact that I keep pressing on is a sign of success. You, too! My overall lifestyle has taken a change since 2007 and God has helped me tremendously. It's a journey. It's worth pursuing. I'm thankful for the changes God has worked in my life since I made the choice to let Him. I don't strive for or recommend striving for perfection. That's a trap. I do, however, set goals for myself and try to learn and practice things that will help me reach my goals. I always have something, some new challenge on the horizon. Right now it's hiking the Appalachian Trail for about a week to celebrate my 50th birthday which is rapidly approaching.

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