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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Better than Ever!

Just some thoughts . . .

I began searching for my best life in Jan 2007. I was 46 years old and very much wanted to face my 50th birthday fit and healthy (and thinner - ok - I wanted to actually BE thin). The first year was really easy for me overall. I'm not saying I didn't have challenges, I did, but I was able to overcome them and consistently lose 5 lbs per month and steadily increase my fitness ability. The next 3 years were more challenging. We moved to Germany as you know, I went back to work after 20 years and I endured several injuries. However, I still kept pursuing my best life and enjoyed many wonderful moments along the way.

Yesterday I turned 50. I'm not actually THIN, but I am fit and healthy. I decided this year my gift to myself is a greater, more intense pursuit of this healthy lifestyle. I have 2 sprint triathlons on my agenda as well as 2- 1/2 marathons. I chose to celebrate my 50th by doing my regular training program. First I biked 9 miles in the heat on some very steep hills (my ride goes over the tail end of the Pine Mountain Ridge) and then came home and hit the water for 1/4 mile of swimming. Whew! (it was fun!) Later that evening, I paddled the kayak for about a mile - just for fun.

When it came to birthday eating, although I had planned to eat as I wanted, I found that what I really wanted was to eat healthfully. I'm so satisfied in my life that I really don't want or need food to make me happy. This is pretty new for me. I indulged in french toast (white bread cause it's what dh brought home) loaded w/ over a cup of blueberries to carb up for my exercise. The rest of the day was healthy controlled eating. At dinner I'd planned fried lobster tail but really decided it wasn't worth it. I had grilled fish instead w/ green beans and sweet potato fries (which were actually fried). I ordered key lime pie for dessert and shared it w/ dh. PERFECT. I came home happy and satisfied but not overfull and guilty. What a day!

It was late in the evening before I realized that I'd met my goal of long ago. I'd stuck w/ Best Life living for over 4 years, never wanting my old ways back, and found the joy of attaining what I'd only hoped for in 2007 - a healthy lifestyle that marked a genuine change not just a temporary diet. I'm stronger than I've been since my 20's I'd say and certainly more joy-filled. I eagerly look forward to my next birthday to see where I am then! 

(Copied from my post on www.thebestlife.com - a weight loss website based on Bob Greene's healthy lifestyle books)

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