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Friday, October 19, 2012

Tick Tock

Rushing through Florence Italy.
Wasn't it just the weekend?? Seriously, I'm wondering how the week is gone already! Truth is, it's not gone - I have all day today to make something new happen and be productive!! So do you! 

I don't know about you, but I'm a pretty involved, active person - still I find that waste lots of time each day. I've been thinking about it and wondering if I'm being a good steward of my time or if I'm just making excuses to be lazy. Hmmmm. Don't get me wrong - we all need down time, but I'm having some nagging in my spirit about HOW I use my down time. Is it genuinely restful or is it like sitting around drumming my fingers on the table? 

Pausing in Venice, St Mark's Square.
And Facebook - trust me - I'm not really even talking to you here, just me! Goodness knows I'm a Facebook junkie. After sitting in Bible Study last night though, listening to Beth Moore talk about guarding our circle of friends and not allowing ourselves a steady diet of negative, gossipy, cynical talk.. well.... Let's just say I've got a lot to think about this weekend!!

Going into the weekend, I know I'm going to be busy. I have a conference to attend tomorrow and though I'm having mixed feelings about going alone, I realize that this kind of opportunity doesn't come around often. It will be beneficial for me to go, learn, absorb and get some new inspiration and motivation. It's a good choice! Sunday will be filled with church activities and then bam!, it's Monday again. Will I be ready and rested - able to give my new week my best? The "off" time and how I use it will determine my sense of rejuvenation, I'm sure.

Amazed by this clock in Strasbourg, France.
One more thing to think about this weekend. God's plans for us.... whoa! Are we tapped into HIS agenda for our lives, our weeks and our days? Am I?! Every day we have to make tons of choices about how we will use our time. For sure, God has given us exactly enough time to do what He wants us to do! I believe that we all have much more available time than we realize - but we need to reevaluate how we're using that time. Each week has 168 hours in it. Even if you work 40 hours a week and sleep 56, you STILL have a lot of leftover time! Still talking to myself more than you, trust me. 

Time doesn't wait.
So - as you move into the weekend, I encourage you to examine your day and your week. Draw out a "map" of next week. Block out all of your set-in-stone life requirements. Think: God first, Family second, Career third. My career choices, being flexible, are always the last to go on my calendar! Then see what you have open still and consider what God would have you do with that time. Time is precious. Once it's gone, it's gone. Time spent on one thing is time away from another. Give it some thought this weekend and let me know what you come up with. Maybe what you learn will help me! 

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