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Monday, August 1, 2011

1st Born Gets Married

It's been 9 days. Nine days since my first-born married his true love.  Never really saw this far forward.

I was almost 26 when this child came into my life. Like other moms - birth and adoptive, I clearly remember the day I became a mom. I remember the waiting, the longing, the being ready for the next phase of my life. I was made to be a mother. I craved it in my very being. I'm so thankful God allowed it for I know that not all those who crave receive.

I had been to the hospital twice in false labor that week. About midnight on Feb 26th, I got up from bed to head to the bathroom when my water broke. I woke my husband to tell him, "It's time" only to hear, "Why don't you go on to the hospital [we were only a block away] and call if it's the real deal?". Oh my! The joys of a pilot on early week. WE went to the hospital and the next day I received a bundle in my arms that changed my life. I named him Andrew Michael. He was 9lbs 4oz and so very easy in every way.

Throughout his life, we've marveled at his easy going demeanor. He's a peaceful sort. He's so very smart and good looking, too. He loves Jesus. He loves his family. He loves steaks, ribs, and salmon. He hates most nuts. He's a great water-skier. He's good at noticing little details the rest of us miss.

And now.. he's married. He's joined himself to a beautiful young woman named Kelsi. They only have eyes for each other. I think each of them makes the other feel incredibly special and they each act as if they don't deserve the other one.

The wedding day was awesome. They chose to have a quiet, family-only type of wedding. We went to Tybee Island GA and were blessed with a breeze. Their ceremony clearly recognized Jesus Christ as Lord and focused on His love for His bride the church. They chose a vow to maintain a Christ-centered home. They didn't even notice the rest of us there. Afterwards, my daughter noted, "This is the way a wedding should be." I agree.

I feel no loss. Only joy. Joy at the enlargement of our family. Joy for my son having more family to support and love him. Joy for the years to come. Joy for my hope of grandchildren should God bless in that way. Joy for raising a child that chose such a spiritually beautiful woman. Joy for the hope of a forever-lasting marriage that would bring them the kind of joy my marriage brings me.

I pray God's bountiful blessing upon these two young people. May they live out Ephesians 5 and may God be glorified in their lives.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your son and his new bride. May their lives be blessed in every way. They already have a beautiful and special mother in their lives , it will only get better from here forward.

  2. Thank you for your perspective on that sweet day! I enjoyed drinking in every detail of every picture posted. Rejoicing with you!