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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Thoughts from My Bike Ride

I've put off hard core exercise for a few weeks now. I had some good reasons to begin with but before long it just turned into something I dreaded. So - with a little motivation from my nephew, Patrick, I decided this was the day to GO! It's a cloudy day, so it finally seemed like the time to get on my trusty, non-fancy, given-to-me, LL Bean bike and see how far I could make it after goofing off for a few weeks. I hoped for 4 or 5 decent miles. I made it about 9. SWEET! As I rode, some of the following came to mind:

  1. I can't hear the deer scooting through the woods from my cushy chair in the air conditioning.
  2. A little tiny lizard will move really fast to get out of my way.
  3. Sometimes a little breather will give you just enough umph to press on.
  4. Sucking in the gut (or core, to be trendy) helps.
  5. I hate the water bottle I took along.
  6. Better to walk a hill (or crawl up a mountain) than stand in the valley and never see the view.
  7. I LIKE biking!
  8. The downhills here are heavenly.
  9. The uphills here ... make the downhills heavenly.
  10. I wish Patrick and come over and gone with me.
  11. I should've called Patrick!
  12. I ride over a ridge on my "little" bike ride.
  14. At the end of my ride I was finishing hills in gears that I used to reserve for downhill only. : D
  15. I can't believe I put this off so long!
  16. I can't wait to jump in that lake even if the water is hot!

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