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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let the Saturdays Continue...

Yesterday morning I did what I always do. I checked Facebook so that in one fell sweep I could see what's going on in the world. (Just decided I'll have to blog on this all by itself soon!) As I scrolled along, I saw "Yay! Friday's here." "Thank goodness it's Friday!" "Weekend's here!" "So glad it's Friday!" The first thought that ran through my mind was "Thank goodness for Facebook friends who let me know what day it really is!" This is not a joke. I felt it so strongly that I very nearly made it my status.

I know I've blogged about this before, but in case you missed it (well, just scroll down if you missed it) or in case you're tempted to think I'm exaggerating, here's how my week went:

Sunday - Truth be told and please don't judge, we didn't go to church. Side note: We enjoy church and we believe it's important to go to church, however, we don't have a church home yet (see another previously written blog that you can find by scrolling down - not yet, read this one first - I mean you're here and everything! *sigh* Life in my brain!) and when we don't have a church home, it can be a little more difficult to get up and going. While that's true, the real reason we didn't go to church is that we were worn out from our week of Saturdays. We just exhausted ourselves so Sunday we rested. 

Monday - You will think I'm kidding here; I am not. I awoke on Monday, Martin Luther King Day, and realized it was a holiday. I felt supremely guilty for using fatigue as a reason for skipping church when the next day was a holiday. Then I realized the holiday meant nothing to us. We weren't granted any time off at all. It was still "Saturday" and there were more projects to do. I don't think I even remember what we did Monday other than have dinner across the lake, which was divine but not particularly taxing. Oh yeah. Monday. Monday I went shopping. Ask anyone; this will wear a body out. It wasn't just any old pleasure shopping trip either. I went shopping for a new couch. That IS exhausting. I did a bunch of errands and hit up the grocery store, too. This was the kind of shopping that involves scrutinizing light bulb packaging for voltage. You know how exciting that is. whoo.

Tuesday - Let's see... well, I'm gonna guess we got up, drank coffee, watched the news, checked facebook and email, yada yada yada... Made a list and set about completing the list. Actually, as I remember it, Tuesday was a very hopeful day. Tuesday is the day people started showing interest in my dear husband's qualifications for gainful employment thus ending the endless Saturdays. Let me stop right here and tell you that there is nothing, nothing that will make you wake up and smell the coffee, producing a mighty to-do list like realizing that your personal handyman is about to go to work.
It's like all the warning bells and buzzers started going off at once. "FINISH THE LIST NOW!" it screamed. I don't remember what exactly we did on this Saturday named Tuesday, but rest assured we were busy. 

Wednesday - Halt from the typical Saturday for me. This was really fun. I went to the Gift Mart in Atlanta. What? You don't know what that is? It is shopping mecca. It's the place where all of the wonderful things you find in shops across America are more or less birthed. I was the guest of my brother in law who was shopping for his store. I got to help shop for the store. I picked out things that I will forget about until they appear in the store that I will then have to have. You can see this is a win-win  for brother in law (as long as dear husband (DH) becomes gainfully employed). DH cleaned the bathrooms, moved 2 couches and 2 love seats to storage and organized the desk (more Saturday chores).

Thursday - My feet hurt terribly from Wednesday. I didn't want to do anything. This day was delivery day for my new couch, however. This day involved getting ready for the couch. Vacuuming and mopping the hardwood floor, adjusting the carpet, picking up some odd things around the house - random, not odd, washing sheets and clothes, going to town to buy a chair (a throne) for DH, (He's never had his very own, specially chosen chair (throne).), killing time until our appointed dinner time with family, having dinner in town with family and going to Lowe's to get all the hardware needed for the next day of projects . See? Exhausting! (We worked in Big Lots, B-i-l's bookstore, a drug store/gift shop (self-appointed competition snooping for b-i-l) and other furniture-scoping-out stuff.)

Friday - I began Friday by learning that it's Friday, thanks to all of my dear Facebook friends to whom it means something. I could not share in the enthusiasm. What I could get excited about though was that this was "Hang the Pot Rack Day". Yes! While I was at the Gift Mart, my pot rack arrived (which I could've probably bought at the Gift Mart for much less - not really. I don't think. Can't think about that.) Anyway, this pot rack, to be clear is for pots and pans, not pot, which is illegal (Thank you, Melinda, for pointing that out).
Let me interrupt this diatribe to tell you that there is a gorgeous sunrise happening on the lake at this very moment. I'd show you but I broke my camera. Wait. I'll try my computer cam. Doesn't do it justice. The sun rises on the other side of the house but illuminates the western sky with color.
Anyway, my DH hung a beautiful pot rack for me in the kitchen and then we moved the porch swings from the lower patio up to the front porch. I helped off and on and goofed-off off and on. I also put clean sheets on a bed, cleaned out a closet, cleaned off a different bed, considered cleaning out another closet, went for a walk, cooked a healthy dinner and relaxed with a t.v. car auction.

Today - Well, it's Saturday. No, the real Saturday.  We are up early (must be the full moon) and have laid out the plan. Actually, we've just changed the plan. The original plan was yard work. After all, it is Saturday. However, since DH is job hunting and civilian job-hunting doesn't involve flight suits AND there is a huge sale in town, we have changed the yard work plan to suit shopping. Somehow, I have a feeling DH has not dropped the yard work plan, so I'm gearing up for that, too. It is, after all, Saturday.



  1. Love reading all this. Have a great day today and a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!

  2. Love you blog! Keep it up :-)