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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life is Messy, God is Good

My daughter coined that phrase a good while back, I think. In other words, I heard it first from her. Lately the phrase has surfaced again and I'm found with the opportunity to consider it and what it really means. I don't know that I have anything profound or substantial to add to the discussion, but I'm going to "talk it out" here anyway and see what I end up with.

Life is full of mess. We know this. To this date, I've yet to find anyone who is immune. Now we can understand, given a Biblical worldview, why this is - I mean we have a true arch enemy who is out for our destruction. Truly, Satan is after God's destruction and is so delusional that he thinks he actual stands a chance of victory. We are the creatures he's decided to pursue, punish, hunt down like a lion. It's his very nature. God is our Redeemer and can rescue us from the very worst Satan has for us, but between now and then (the time that we are free from this war) Satan has all kinds of attacks laid out for us to try and trap us and bring us down. Frankly, he has a fair amount of success, however temporary. 

We also have mess when we try to follow God's ways when Satan is trying to lure us to his way. It's not easy to choose to follow Jesus. It involves sacrifice. Our bodies want one thing when our minds know another is better and it creates a tension with our very souls and we strive to get ourselves in line so to speak. So many times we live our lives with little concern and then find ourselves in a place we know isn't best or even good for us (out of God's will). When that happens we have to correct our course. ....

Sailing analogy: When you're sailing downwind it is smooth. You just cruise along. You don't even really feel the wind because you're traveling along with it. But what happens when you realize you're headed in the absolute wrong direction? You have to change course and that involves jibing. Truth be told, I have trouble with this. I think that my failure to successfully jibe is the thing that holds me back most as a sailor. I'm flat out afraid of it. A jibe requires some cautious maneuvering or you risk a C-jibe which is rough and can sling the boom across in an uncontrolled way risking a hard capsize and injury to you and the vessel. However, a properly executed jibe will take the craft right around and get things going back upwind. When you head close to the wind, you feel the wind; it might seem a little rougher in ways, but it nice. I love close-haul sailing. I FEEL like I'm going somewhere - earning my keep. 

I suppose I'm saying that when we're off-course, it might feel easy and nice - no worries, no hard work, but could be completely off from where God wants us. When we have to correct, it might feel hard and intimidating. (Life is messy.) But. When we get headed in the right direction again and on course - even if it takes more work and seems harder, it's worth it if it takes you to your ultimate destination. 

Here's the real deal: God is good no matter what our circumstances are. His character, His holiness, His just-ness are all the same even when life is messy, hard and seemingly unfair. His ways are always right. He is not circumstantial. He's the same God and His love for you is just as sure, just as real as ever. Remember, according to the Bible, our lives are like a vapor. Living for today will bring a short pleasure compared to eternity. Likewise, our pain and suffering are short-lived compared to the glory of what lies ahead of us in eternity. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." 

Have hope. Whatever messiness you find yourself in - it's not forever. The best stuff is found in choosing God over temporary pleasures. "Hangeth thou in there" as Kay Arthur says. And oh, by the way, life with God is fun and freeing! "Better is one day in Your courts that thousands elsewhere."

NOTE: I should mention that often life is messy because of our own desires and bad choices (see James)

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