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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Lesson for Life

Now you know this has got to be important and deep with a title like that. Seriously deep.

Let's start with the morning - what a glorious morning it was! After ice, sleet and overall gloominess, we were greeted with blue skies and sunshine here on the lake. The water revealed a bit of a warning as there were little whitecaps on it and all the waves were headed in my direction from the other side of the lake. In other words, it was windy. Windy and cold. (Insert shivers here)

On this gloriously beautiful day, I decided to head to town. Heading to town is something I don't do lightly now that I live on the lake. Truthfully, I don't take heading to town lightly no matter where I live. I generally like to stay home. Today, however, I made the plan to head to town for hunting and gathering. In making the plan, I made a list. Several lists. A list of recipes and items needed. A list of which stores I was planning on hitting up. A list of miscellaneous other items needed the next time anyone went to town.

First stop: Tuesday Morning
This store is great. You can find all sorts of things you never knew you needed at half of what they really cost... according to the price tags. Sometimes I actually find things that I know for a fact are good deals. Other times I find things that I assume are a good deal because they're at Tuesday Morning. Then there are times that I find things that still seem ridiculously high priced even though they're at Tuesday Morning and I wonder if the whole thing is a rook. Today I picked up a comforter set that I KNOW was a good deal because I'd shopped every known place online already. I also got an ottoman for my living room that can hold the stuff that accumulates around my chair (Bible, magazines, journal, pens, old newspapers - Great. I just discovered that I'll still have a problem finding things when I need them.), some towels for my guest bathroom and some throw pillows to go with my new comforter set. It added up.

Second stop: Target (2nd stop was supposed to be to buy glasses and contacts, but I left my coupon at home. So much for my great pre-town planning.) Now Target, as most of you know, is full of everything you ever needed, other things that you don't actually need but look pretty and more stuff that falls in one of the 1st two categories. Target added bleach (lavender scented - really?), hand soap, dish detergent, a new mop because the one I had was disgusting, a clearance priced candle stick, a battery operated candle, a lamp base to fit the lamp shade I bought 3 weeks ago, 2 little plastic jars for q-tips and cotton balls (plastic because the glass ones were stupidly costly for such little things), hair spray which was ridiculously expensive but it's my hair and you know how I am about that, and some other stuff I can't remember. Needless to say, despite my budgetmindedness, it added up. (Insert sigh)

Third stop: Pet Smart - doggie needs flea/tick prevention. How do they honestly charge that price???

Fourth stop: Fresh Market - Yes I know this store is pricey. I needed specialty ingredients, though and I'm only cooking for two. Fresh Market contributed ingredients for clean eating recipes good for my health: Moroccan Braised Beef, which is cooking now and smells incredible, "Clean" Ruebens, Thai Chili and other odds and ends... It added up.

Oh my goodness! Last stop was for gas and you know what's happening there. After living in Europe, I wasn't even shocked. On my way there, someone I may or may not be married to asked me to purchase lottery tickets (for a small price). After the day I had, I did it and frankly think I deserve to win. 

So what's the life lesson? Life is expensive. You know this. I know this. Today however, I tallied up a bunch of expenses all at once. I found myself saying, "Thank you, Lord, that I have the money to spend." I mean it. 


  1. By the way... I don't think I deserve anything, but winning the lottery could be fun and would make me feel a lot better about today! LOL

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