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Friday, January 28, 2011

Too Much Stuff

I have too much. Too many dishes. Too many COUCHES for crying out loud. Too many sets of silverware. Too many favorite things. 

You wouldn't know it today, but ordinarily I don't live in a cluttered house. I have a nicely decorated house and it's cozy, but I don't think it's cluttered. However, we're combining all of the things we've lived with for years and moved around from location to location with the things that we've had furnishing our lake house.  It's a chore I'm here to tell you. 

In both places, we've always made sure that we've had enough dishes, glassware and flatware to serve a crowd. We love to entertain. It brings us great pleasure to share our home and our time with people we love. Yesterday I was challenged to consider how often I need a lot of dishes. I answered "any given Sunday" and I mean it. It's a lake house! We want people here. Our family (a lot of it anyway) lives very near by. I could have 20 for dinner at the drop of a hat. Even so, I have too much of everything. I have to get rid of some very useful, still-in-good-condition items.

I'm going to free myself up some; having too much stuff is burdensome. I'm going to pack things away and send them to my storage unit. When Spring Break arrives, the kids can choose to take dishes, silverware and pots and pans back to school with them or they go to a thrift shop. I have enough of my very favorite things to take care of any crowd that may appear. I will be content with that. I don't need all the choices. 

And by the way - 2 of us live here. I have a dozen nice matching coffee mugs, another dozen little coffee cups that came with the dish set w/ saucers that we never ever use, at least 1/2 dozen polish pottery mugs that make me smile, 4 espresso cups and then 6 or so other largish mugs that my hubby likes because they fit his hands better. If I'm counting correctly that's 40 vessels for coffee. Annnnd, I took approximately 20 mugs out of the cabinet already. That is nothing but gluttonous. I will change that today. Lord, forgive me.


  1. All things happen in God's timing. If I waited until I graduate college and get a well paying job and my life is set up perfectly and all I have to do is go and find my trophy wife, I'll be in my thirty's and I very much want kids before I start getting too old. I don't think God cares too much where we are in our education as long as we are listening to him. When we listen to him, he puts us where he needs us and prepares our hearts for what he has planned for us. Besides, don't the lines the marriage vows usually go along the lines of, "for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health" it's not now that we are rich we can be happy. Bringing two lives together through marriage requires trying times as well as happiness, there has to be a "refiners fire" at some point for your marriage to be the beautiful thing that it is meant to be, otherwise it is shallow. So, I say, why run from the challenge. Prepare yourself and meet it head on. Marriage is a battle, sometimes it may be between you and your spouse, but it is usually you, your spouse and God against the World.

  2. That last comment was supposed to post to the entry on the 23, I have no idea why it posted here /;-,